Happy Birthday Noa!

We got to celebrate Noa’s 8th Birthday, painting the newly added Unicorn together with friends and family! Take a peek below at the magical paintings that were created 🦄✨🦄

Ballerina Slippers 

Doing three sessions with these middle schoolers has been so rewarding- for everyone involved! The girls truly felt treated and special when they opened the door to the room, to see easels and canvases set up just for them. What a great way to start off the year! So many beautiful ballerina slippers were created, all looking so different and unique. Looking forward to painting with them again.

Happy Bat Mitzvah Sara!

This past Sunday was a day full of glitter and glam with two back to back parties ~ what more can I ask for?! I had a great time painting with the Bat Mitzvah girl’s friends. They created such unique designs with the tape and the pieces they created came out beautiful ✨💖✨

Happy Birthday Lilla!

I had the opportunity to paint with a fabulous group of girls, who came together to celebrate Lilla’s 10th birthday! Take a peek below to see what kind of  magic the girls created with paint and glitter ✨💖✨

Rallybound Office Paint Party

Yesterday’s office paint party turned bring-your-kids-to-work day, resulted in some pretty neat pieces. And as usual, I’m always on the lookout for that “something different”, which we most definitely had. Lookout for some Bob Ross inspo and some colorful sunshine below! 

Celebrating 40 years young 

I had the opportunity to paint with a talented group of ladies who got together to celebrate their friend’s 40th birthday. It was a surprise, might I add! Check out all the varations of roses and flowers that were created below. Happy Birthday Chanie!

Sushi and Paint

We had our Sushi & Paint event last night at Meshuga 4 Sushi. We don’t often do public events, but when we do, we like to do them at local Kosher restaurants here in LA. It was so nice to see so many women from different backgrounds come together to paint the #GlitteryHamsa. What always amazes me is the artistic variations that are created- all copied from one original painting. I appreciate and encourage creativity, and you can tell from the photos below that there was lots of talent that took over that party room! Hope to do this again real soon! 

Shine Bright, Blue and White in Calabasas

I had the opportunity to paint with a group of ladies who met up at this paint party to discuss an upcoming trip to Israel that they are all planning on going on this fall. What a more apropos way to prepare than by painting the Israeli flag! The glitter lends itself to creating unique and individual designs and beautiful pieces were created. Happy travels, ladies! And enjoy every minute 🇮🇱

Hamsa in Lake Encino

I had the opportunity to to do a surprise birthday party Paint Party, with an added French themed touch to top it off! Take a peek at the photos below to see the beautiful work created.