Summer Tulip in Studio City

The newly added Summer Tulip made it’s debut in Studio City this week. What a better crowd to do it with other than a group of Friendship Circle moms- and just in time for Shavuot! Take a peak at the wonderful creativity below 🌷

Glittery Hamsa Creations in Poway 

Doing this paint party took me back to two years ago, where it all began. I did my first official paint party right here in Poway and how grateful I am for the path it led me to, and continues to lead me. The painters who attended were young girls with unbelievable talent, and they all created beautiful masterpieces! 

Glittery Hamsa Creations at YULA

Cheers to creative license and thinking outside of the box! I always encourage different at my paint party events, and I’m always blown away at the art that’s created. Last week, I had the opportunity to paint with incoming freshmen of YULA Girls’ HS, along with their moms. Take a peek at the photos below to see some through-the-roof talent and creativity. 

Birds in the Moonlight ~ The Jewish Montessori 

There was something so raw and artsy about the huge warehouse-like space that we painted in last night- it’s walls begging for art and splashes of paint and color. It’s the new home for the Chabad Sola’s Eden Project, and I look forward to visiting it again, once it’s fully built. I painted together with fellow moms and some wonderfully creative art was made- take a peek at the pics! 

Pre-Pesach Wine Glass

I had the opportunity to paint with this group of young women who have been putting forth much hard work in getting their degrees, and celebrated their culmination with a paint party! Congrats! 

Painting Roses 🌹

I (finally!) had the opportunity to do a paint party with the women of my very own community, right here in Hancock Park! We had a wonderful crowd and the ladies got really creative with color choices, flowers and vases. We were also inspired by an interactive talk, led by Mrs. Dubrowski, on the topic of Chinuch. Take a peak at the photos below- and be prepared to be amazed!

Birds in the Moonlight ~ Lomita

It was really nice being invited, once again, to do a paint party for the Women’s Circle in Lomita. The ladies did a fantastic job painting their Birds in the Moonlight, and I enjoyed seeing the way each painter changed things up, making their painting their own.