Some recents!

We haven’t been posting events here for quite some time now. If you’d like to see more recent photos and real time updates on what’s going on at The Paintery, you can check out our Instagram page ThePaintery_com (@ThePaintery_com).

Here are some recents from a few different events that we did over the past few months- enjoy!

Pineapples with Young Sephardic

The newly added Pineapple painting made its first debut this week and it was no surprise seeing how much creativity it brought out in the painters. And as usual, there was the “different”, the colorful and the fun, all brought together during this fabulous evening of 🍷+🍣+🎨

Chanuka Menorahs ~ Agoura

The first of quite a few pre-Chanuka Paint Parties couldn’t have been better- with lots of pre Chanuka dates snatched up like hot Latkes! We painted the newly added Geometric Menorah painting, and many beautiful masterpieces were created. Take a peak below at the variations!

Ballerina Slippers

We completed a 3 week Paint Party session with these wonderfully talented middle school students. It was a pleasure working with them, especially since I️ taught them years ago when they were in elementary school. It was definitely good to be back!

Happy Birthday, Mushka!

Happy 10th Birthday to my daughter Mushka! I created the Unicorn painting just for her party and it’s already been making it’s rounds at other parties! We had a wonderful time painting with her friends and I also had the opportunity to finally create one of those unicorn cakes I’ve been eyeing 🦄🎂

Happy Birthday Sarale! 

It was all about that ✨ glitter ✨ and sparkle last week, celebrating Sarale’s 10th Birthday. The painters got super creative with their paint and glitter designs. Check out the masterpieces below! 

Hamsas in Bakersfield 

I painted with an uber talented crowd earlier this week in Bakersfield, CA. Many of the women who attended were so happy to have had their inner artist awakened. It’s no wonder our tagline is “Bringing Out the Artist in You.” Until next time, Bakersfield!